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Lot of time I don’t post something…

But the development of Parancoe is not death. I’m working at the next major release: Parancoe 3.0!

Some of the changes:
  • The persistence (generic DAOs) has its own independent project now: Lambico. It’s more evolved and robust.
  • Parancoe now uses Spring 3.0, with it latest evolution and improvements.
  • The suggested style for developing the controllers is the REST one.
  • The validation is JSR 303 – Bean Validation (according to Spring MVC 3.0).
  • We have a new subproject called Parancoe – Validation, for introducing some useful validator, ready for use. (what about a “new password” validator?)

You can start trying Parancoe 3 using the snapshots: Parancoe artifacts are already in our Maven snapshot repository.

For starting a new project based on Parancoe 3, use the “Parancoe Advanced Archetype”, typing the following command:

mvn -DarchetypeGroupId=org.parancoe \
    -DarchetypeArtifactId=parancoe-advancedarchetype \
    -DarchetypeVersion=3.0-SNAPSHOT \
    -DarchetypeRepository= \
    -Darchetype.repository= \
    -Darchetype.interactive=false \
    -DgroupId=org.myorg \
    -DartifactId=myapp \
    -Dpackage=org.myorg.padt \
    -Dversion=1.0-SNAPSHOT \
    --batch-mode \
    --update-snapshots \
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Posted by Lucio Benfante on Apr 06, 2011

Parancoe presentation at the JUG Trento

On January 26, 2011 I will present Lambico and the upcoming Parancoe 3.0 at a meeting of the JUG Trento.

More details on the page of the event in JUG Events:

Posted by Lucio Benfante on Jan 08, 2011

JavaDay 2009 in Rome

On January 24, 2009 I will partecipate to the JavaDay 2009 in Rome.

If you like to chat with me about the future development of Parancoe contact me during my JavaDay talk. It’s a talk about using annotated Spring MVC controllers, mostly (but not only) in a Parancoe context. Javaday Roma III Edizione

Posted by Lucio Benfante on Dec 30, 2008

Parancoe 2.0 released

The Parancoe Team is proud to announce the 2.0 release of the Parancoe Meta-Framework.

This major release provides:

  • Spring 2.5 integration
  • annotation-based controllers
  • annotation-based validation
  • better transaction management
  • Spring Security integration
  • DWR 3 integration through annotations
  • lot of bug fixes

You can obtain it from the Download area, or from the Subversion repository.

For a full explanation of the features and complete examples, read our new Parancoe Reference Guide, both in HTML and in PDF. This guide will be completed and expanded in the next few weeks, so please provide feedback on it.

Have fun with Parancoe!

Posted by Lucio Benfante on Nov 01, 2008

Add the Parancoe repository to your NetBeans

Today I indexed the Parancoe Maven Repository using the Nexus Indexer.

So now you can browse the repository using the Maven2 Repository Browser in NetBeans.

Click the Windows/Maven2 Repository Browser menu, then click the Add repository button in the browser panel, and type the following information:

Add Parancoe Repository

Then you can browse the repository:

Browsing the Parancoe repository

Posted by Lucio Benfante on Jun 10, 2008