Parancoe Development With NetBeans Tutorial

Here you can find a short tutorial on setting up up the environment for NetBeans 6 (M9) with windows XP, in order to work with Parancoe project.

I start from scratch. This is the simplest way to start using Paroncoe with Nebeans

3 Simple steps

  • download Netbeans
  • download the project using SVN
  • download the Maven2 plugins and … start using Parancoe

Download and install NetBeans v6 (M9)

install the standard edition (the basic edition lacks of some features) I tried also NetBeans 6 M10

Integrated support for SVN in NetBeans

NetBeans offers integrated support for SVN, the first time you have to download the entire project from svn.

Update Parancoe from SVN

Now is time to update the Parancoe code on the view Projects select the 3 project Parancoe ( pom) Parancoe Core (jar) Parancoe Web (jar) select on the context menu subversion and then update please check the proxy configuration

Download the plugins for Maven2

you have to install at the minimum 2 plugins

Configure a server

Open Project Parancoe Example – Basic WebApp open project select \parancoe\trunk\examples\basicWebApp

Install Tomcat as server the simplest way to see the web application is to install Tomcat

download the version of Tomcat as zip from

only as example, I download the versione 5.5.23

In the installer windows there are’nt the bat files for starting and stopping Tomcat.

after install tomcat add in the file ..\Tomcat 5.5\conf\tomcat-users.xml

only for example, C:\Programmi\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 5.5\conf\tomcat-users.xml in my case

a row for adding a user with role manager insert a row like this

you need a user with a password on the role manager to deploy

copy in the ..\Tomcat 5.5\common\lib the file hsqldb-

it contains the driver jdbc hsqldb

you can copy from the M2 ( maven2) repository

from the menu Tools select the item Servers click the button Add Servers …

and select from the list Tomcat 5.5.

press next

and then browse to find and select the catalina home

and set the user and the password that you put on the file tomcat-users.xml

set as server Tomcat 5.5 just configured for the project Parancoe Example – Basic WebApp

select the project Parancoe Example – Basic WebApp

select on the context menu the last item Properties

select the categories Run

and then select as server Tomcat 5.5

Clean , build and run

select the project Parancoe Example – Basic WebApp

on the context menu select the item clean and build

and then the item run

you can use the button on the toolbar

if all is ok then NetBeans will deploy the application on Tomcat

and Netbeans will start a browser with the application

Posted by Paolo Foletto on Wednesday, July 25, 2007