Parancoe 0.3.2 released

The Parancoe Team is proud to announce the 0.3.2 release of the Parancoe Framework.

You can obtain it from the Download area, or from the Subversion repository.

It’s also available from the Maven 2 Repository.

0.3.2 release features

  • Support for YAML Database Fixtures in unit tests
  • Parancoe World Plugin: country and continent data in your DB
  • Support for OrderBy in Generic DAO finder methods
  • Generic DAO finder methods re-implemented through criteria, for simplicity, flexibility and future enhancements.

Features from the previous releases

  • Generic DAO: write only the interfaces of your DAOs, no Java code or XML configuration (see the Parancoe Persistence Tutorial)
  • Auto-discovery of persistent classes
  • Auto-discovery of DAO interfaces
  • Plugins for Web Applications:
    • Parancoe Italy Plugin: support classes and data for italian towns, provinces and regions
    • Parancoe Security Plugin: authentication and authorization through ACEGI
  • Parancoe Web Archetype: start your project in seconds (see the Starting a Web Project with Parancoe article)
  • Support for accessing DAOs and business code in the Spring MVC controllers
  • AJAX support through DWR
  • Server-side validation made simple
  • Client-side validation through server-side validation with AJAX call
  • Support for unit tests in all layers of the application
  • YAML fixtures for loading data in the database

Known issues

None known…but if You find any bug, please submit it through the Issue system

Future development

  • Enhancement of the Generic DAO for supporting data pagination
  • Enhancement of the Generic DAO for supporting “like” matches
  • Unified Spring MVC controller for form and multi-action
  • Persistent URLs support

If You have any feature You need, please submit it through the Issue system, or ask in the Parancoe mailing-lists.

Have a nice parancoing…

The Parancoe Team